Our shift knobs are neet-o!

1954 Design Company designs and makes unique shifter knobs for traditional hot rods and vintage cars. With each individually hand-crafted shift knob I try to capture a nostalgic flavor and essence of a bygone era.

Take a look, there's something cool for your vintage ride or hot rod.

M. Flanders
Proprietor, 1954 Design Company

We have a unique vintage style shift knob for your hotrod.


Good News! Our knobs feature a 16mm solid brass master insert and we are also stocking solid brass reducers to adapt your knob to any shifter using the following thread sizes: 5/16-18, 5/16-24, 3/8-16, and 3/8-24. That should cover the most popular thread sizes. If you need a different size drop me a line. I'll bet I can get it for you.

What else is new? A WWII 8th AAF knob and a 1940 Willys art deco style knob, that's what! Check them out on the knobs page. If you want us to drop you a line when we come out with new designs, sign up for our mailing list below.

adapter inserts

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